Bellevue acupuncturist, Dr. Weiqun Miao's patient testimonials

I saw Dr. Miao a couple of times, these first two visits to her office erased the severe pain, and needless to say, saved my movement and of course my current career as a professional dancer. However, and most importantly, in subsequent visits Dr. Miao was able to determine on her own the root cause of the lower back pain, which all originated back to that 20 something year old injury. Her finding the source and working with it has put me in better health than I have been in during all those years and has corrected the original injury so that the ‘fix’ this time is permanent and not just temporary.

Dr. Miao’s well-rounded and overarching understanding of her field is what makes her such a gem in this field. I now continue to see her for preventative reasons only, but need to also mention here that she is genuinely concerned about the wellbeing of her patients and also in the wonderful changes she sees in them as the end results of her work become apparent to the patient; this genuine desire to see and enjoy the wellbeing of her patients is what really gives her an amazing energy and sensitivity that is often lacking in other professionals in this field.
Scott T., Bellevue, WA

I highly recommend going to see WeiQun Miao! She is amazing, I have had 4 treatments so far for shoulder, neck and back pain along with stress and anxiety and after even 1 treatment I felt different and after 2, my pain was minimal and now I am pretty much pain free, have more energy and I am able to deal with all kinds of stress in a healthy way! I will continue to see and get treatment to maintain my wellbeing. I will go as far to say “Dr. Miao is Magic” ! Make an appointment and see for yourself!
Shannon H., Mukilteo, WA

When I first contacted Dr. Miao I was suffering from a sinus condition that left me so congested I had been unable to breathe through my nose for nearly 3 months. I had been given two types of antibiotics, eucalyptus oil to inhale, a double dose of antihistamines… nothing had worked. Dr. Miao gave me acupuncture and some herbs and three days later I was breathing through my nose again. I’ve continue to see her since then and I feel I am in the best health of my life. At the time I started with Dr. Miao I didn’t know anything about acupuncture or traditional Chinese medicine and I was, if anything, a bit of a skeptic. I’m a believer now.
Eric H., Seattle, WA

When I first came to see Dr. Miao I was in pretty bad shape. I had ailments ranging from menopausal symptoms of anger, frustration, hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, etc. to issues concerning an old injury to my knees to swelling in my legs and feet. I was in so much pain I was taking six advil three times a day for the pain, every day! I didn’t want to go to a conventional doctor because I’ve had bad experiences with them in the past. So a good friend recommended Dr. Miao. I didn’t know if Dr. Miao could help me or not but I knew I couldn’t keep going on the way I was, so I made an appointment with Dr. Miao.

The first time I met Dr. Miao I felt completely relaxed, a big difference from how I usually feel around doctors. Dr. Miao was and is very kind, respectful, gentle, professional and down to earth, she definitely knows her business. I thought accupuncture was going to hurt but with Dr. Miao it doesn’t hurt at all. In the beginning I saw Dr. Miao every two weeks for treatments and herbs, now I see her once a month.

The first thing that improved quickly were most of the symptoms of menopause. Then my knees started to feel better, it was noticeable to me right away that what Dr. Miao was doing was working, so I continued to see Dr. Miao. I have been seeing her for three years now but only for maintenance and mostly because I enjoy the treatments, they always relax me as does Dr. Miao as well. I not only consider her my Doctor but also my friend.

Long story short, I no longer take any kind of pain medication, the hot flashes, anger, fatigue, etc. is gone. My knees feel great and I only feel a tinge of pain when the weather is humid. The swelling in my legs and feet are down greatly from when I first came to see Dr. Miao. I feel so very blessed to have found Dr. Miao and I can’t even imagine not seeing her for continued healings.

I highly recommend Dr. Miao and if you want a doctor who cares about you and your health…a doctor that truly cares….then I suggest you seek an appointment with Dr. Miao.
Rebecca P., Bothell, WA

I suffered from chronic digestive issues for over ten years and had tried many, many types of healing modalities to address the issue. Last year I saw Dr. Miao for the first time and she healed in me in two visits along with a few weeks of herbs. It was such a relief to see a doctor who immediately saw the cause of my problem and addressed it swiftly. I have so much confidence in Dr. Miao and wish that I could see her on a regular basis. I do not live in Seattle but I make a point to see her every time I am in town visiting family. Dr. Miao is incredibly caring and a superb doctor. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to heal!
Lynn F., Salem, MA

For over 26 years of my life I have been dealing with a severe case of eczema, asthma, and allergies. Within the first few weeks of acupuncture & herbal treatment with Dr. Miao, I no longer had difficulty breathing when running, or doing any physical activity due to asthma. Typically in March, I get hit with seasonal allergies. Thanks to Dr. Miao, this year was not the case. As for my eczema, that is a longer road to recovery to deal with. However, I have seen regular western doctors and naturopathic doctors, and none of them have given me such startling progressive results as FAST and as longer lasting as Dr. Miao. I can come in with blatantly dry skin, and leave a session with my skin looking like I had applied lotion when the only thing done was needles expertly placed at the right points. I had an eczematic bump that looked almost like a wart, disappear FOR GOOD within a few days.

She’s even helping my wife her issues! Leading to my wife feeling more energetic, trimming up, and having less severe menstrual cycles. Dr. Miao has been a miracle worker for me & my family. She listens, she cares by checking up on you, and she is willing to do whatever procedure to help me get results now, rather than some of these other doctors who seem to be just after my money. You won’t go wrong with Dr. Miao
Michael B., Seattle, WA

Dr. Miao is an amazing person and a wonderful doctor. Her knowledge, wisdom and kindness kept me feeling balanced and clear while trying to get pregnant and helped to handle some very difficult decisions and emotions. She is a genuine and very caring health practitioner and the best acupuncturist I have ever had. Her treatments helped tremendously with the stress and anxiety of it all. I can’t recommend Dr. Miao enough. I would go to her for any problem that arises!
Veronika E., Seattle, WA

I really appreciate how attentive and insightful her care has been, which is why I’ve been relying upon her for several years now to work with life-long conditions which have improved significantly with her treatment.
Margaret B., Seattle, WA

It was my first time seeking acupuncture treatment for neck/shoulder and lower back pain when I first saw Dr. Miao. She put me at ease immediately. Over the course of treatments, I have gotten better and needed less frequency of acupuncture treatments. Dr. Miao is very experienced and intuitive. She had also treated me with herbs for other health related issues and I’ve gotten great results. My elderly mother had a stroke many years ago and was not able to raise her left leg without assistance (even after physical therapy) for years. She started acupuncture treatment with Dr. Miao and now is able to raise the same leg by herself! I am really thankful to have found Dr. Miao and recommend her to everyone I know!
Connie N., Seattle, WA

I saw Dr. Miao recently to reestablish my digestive system after a bad bout with food poisoning. I was unable to eat without a severe stomachache, though I was quite hungry. Dr. Miao asked several questions and palpated my stomach and several points on my body, finally choosing to use acupuncture on five points. She then gave me dietary advice and an herb to calm my stomach. I was quite hungry only a few hours later and tentatively started eating soup and rice. To my surprise, I was able to eat a full meal with no issue or pain, and only a day later my entire digestive system had normalized. I was very grateful to Dr. Miao for saving my weekend!
Ashley Y., Seattle, WA

Dr. Miao is an excellent doctor and a warm and a positive person. She helped my husband and I before pregnancy, during pregnancy, and postpartum. Dr. Miao helped me with hormonal disbalances using herbs and acupuncture instead of regular replacement therapy recommended by a traditional therapist. I am so happy I found her. There is no better person to go to for women’s problems. She does excellent belly work and gets everything moving. Dr.Miao also helped me to get over stress and manage my mood and my state of mind. My husband and I love her quick release from sinuses and colds. There are so many things she can do, that I am sure we haven’t seen all of her tricks yet. I always recommend her to friends and family and already have a couple of people that completely switched to her treatments.
Veronika L., Lynnwood, WA

At 43 I didn’t suffer from any specific ailment that caused my doctor alarm, but I felt tired, achy and vaguely sickly most of the time with various digestive challenges. No matter how healthy I ate and lived my life, I still felt…old. I also found the climate in the Northwest to be uncomfortably cold and chilly most of the year. After treatments of acupuncture and numerous medicinal teas from Dr. Miao I have my energy back, my joints ache less and I’m rarely chilled. In a nutshell, Dr. Miao helped me to feel 10 years younger! I suspect she steered me away from a life of dwindling health and ailments towards the joyous, youthful, healthy soul I am now. I am truly grateful.
Alison S., Arlington, WA